Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mothers' Day!

I understand how it feels to be a Mom even though I have no kids of my own.  Looking after my Mom who now acts like a kid, I understand her handwork in bringing us up especially when she is a single parent.  She worry we don't eat enough, worry about our health, worry about our studies etc.  Of course she discipline us as well...BUT...I am always the one who gets the caning, cause she felt as the eldest, I should act as a good example to my younger brother.  Thus even if brother did something wrong, I will be the one getting the beating...Life is such a bitch hor?!  In many ways, my role today as a Caregiver is similar to her when we were kids...hmmm except the caning part (EVIL GRIN, well..can I? HAHAHA!) and the dating part, she is so sold liao, I no need to worry she will kenna cheat by men lor...LOL!

Anyway being a Mom is no joke!  Its a 24 hours a day job and 365 days a year, no annual leave or MC de...I truly appreciate her efforts and handwork now.  In fact all Mothers are very 伟大!  I would like to wish all Mothers out there, a Happy Mothers' Day!

I baked a flour-less Nutella Souffle Cake for Mom on Mothers' Day, she is happy :)

She received roses from brother, he sent them from China via a local florist...see her smile? haha!

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