Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Oreo 泰迪熊 Cheesecake Cups for darling Mom!

My Mom have sweet tooth BUT I do control the amount of sugar I used when I bake and cook for her...lately I've baked 2 versions of cheesecake cups for her...she loves them!  Well so does my friends :)

Cute?  可爱? kawaii??  hehe!  Well...My Mom is like a kid nowadays...and in order to make sure she have a healthy appetite, I will try to make my bakes and cooking more interesting...

Both recipes taste good and it depends if you like lemon or more oreo bits..  I can't take credit for the Teddies coz I saw some bloggers shared, thus I just follow :).  Thx to them...my cheesecake cups looks so cute huh? :)

My Mom certainly enjoyed them...she say can't *bear* to eat them :)

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