Thursday, April 3, 2014

Being a caregiver

Last Sunday, I read an article from Sunday Times and started to tear....this article really hit a raw spot within me....Title of the article is "Role reversal in caregiving"

Caregivers face huge emotional and physical stress especially when it comes to looking after a elderly patient.  Mom's dementia and depression issues makes her more vulnerable.  And its so common for patients like her to be in constant denial of their health conditions.  One have to be extremely patient, a virtue which I do not have...Guess its tougher in my case coz I am the only one here for Mom since brother is working overseas.  Thus I practically do not have much life?  I meant...personal, social life...its almost like a 24 hrs x 7 days kinda commitment as a caregiver...365 days a rest..cant afford to fall sick?...

Luckily I have a very supportive Boss, friends...they understand my situation...and will "work" around my schedule and commitment at times I am able to join them for movies, meals etc....I have wonderful neighbours too!!  They will help me when I really need to run errands...look out for my Mom...even my hairdresser!  She will also offered her help ...I am so grateful!

Mom's doc...besides assessing Mom...she also assess my mental stage too!  Well..apparently I was told caregivers tend to fall into depression too..coz of the pressure we face...I heard horror stories of caregivers committing suicide...sigh

Its never easy watching Mom...becoming frail...memory failing...hearing failing....she used to be so independent and strong....she used to be my pillar of strength....Now...its reverse role...I am her pillar of strength...she is like my kid and I am like her mother now...When I was just a little girl...Mom will let me eat first and then finish the bowl of its reverse...I will let my Mom eat first and then eat whatever that she can't finish...

Whatever it is...I guess I will try to be as positive as active as the end of the day...she is my MOM..:)

Fighting!!  加油!  not only to me BUT to all the caregivers out there who is really working very hard...:)

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